OldCamera app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 3826 ratings )
Photo & Video Entertainment
Developer: Art & Mobile
0.99 USD
Current version: 4.01, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 22 Oct 2008
App size: 1.19 Mb

Takayuki Fukatsus second camera application.

When you take a picture with this, it provides several mono-color old style photo. Effect is randomly added to the photo from your custom effect set.

Old Camera is focused on very simple but fun experience. There is no complicated setting. Just take a photo, and you get result. Enjoy.

If you are NON-English user and if all navigation is displayed with Japanese, it means in your iPhone, Japanese has higher language priority than English.
To fix problem, simpley open iPhones setting/general/language panel, and select English as your first language. After setting back your mother language to first language. It changes languages Priority.


- Random, Non-Random mode.
- 427 to 1600px resolution.
- Rectangle, Square mode.

- Black and White effect.
- Hi-contrast Black and White effect.
- Silver toning effect.
- Platinum toning effect.
- Kallitype effect.
- Cyanotype (blue print) tonng effect.

Pros and cons of OldCamera app for iPhone and iPad

OldCamera app good for

i use this app more than the original built in app it self! welldone! Just hope it has more features like option for the pic style so we can choose after the shots
This is going to be my go to artsy-fartsy camera app. Just wish it could process existing pics.
I am really impressed just found this n its amazeing I love it so much I cant stop taking pictures! :)
This takes such good pictures! I love the black and white effect. I find myself taking pictures of everything & having loads of fun doing it!!! Thank you...great app!!
See your everyday world in a whole new light. The effects are well done. The app often brings out light and details you dont otherwise see in the iPhoto pics.
This is a simple & fun app. You can make some beautiful picture. Love it!

Some bad moments

Great idea...bad execution. You cant control what effect is applied to your photo - it is applied at random. If you are taking photos seriously, you want control. Very very stupid design.
This app is a piece of junk...You cant even apply the limited effects to photos already in your library, nor can you see the photo you took with different filters applied. Completely worthless...
BW images look good, but really needs the ability to use a photo already on the phone. Being able to adjust contrast and the vignette would be a couple other needed enhancements
I like this app, but I want to love it. The different filters are cool. The problem lies in exposure and contrast. Have found a narrow range of lighting conditions that give good results. Most pictures come out with the majority of the highlights hopelessly burned out rendering the photo unusable. At the least give us an exposure control. Very rarely use it because of that.
Had this app for several years and it was great! Not worth it now since you can not save the photos... I deleted the app and purchased it again to see if it would fix the problem but no such luck... I want my$1.00 back!
Took many beautiful pics of new baby in our family. Once we got home I discovered they werent saved to my camera roll! All of the pics are gone!!! So mad and so sad!! LOUSY APP!!!