OldCamera App Reviews

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very artistic app

i use this app more than the original built in app it self! welldone! Just hope it has more features like option for the pic style so we can choose after the shots

Bad Design

Great idea...bad execution. You cant control what effect is applied to your photo - it is applied at random. If you are taking photos seriously, you want control. Very very stupid design.

Love it

This is going to be my go to artsy-fartsy camera app. Just wish it could process existing pics.


I am really impressed just found this n its amazeing I love it so much I cant stop taking pictures! :)

Love it !!!!

This takes such good pictures! I love the black and white effect. I find myself taking pictures of everything & having loads of fun doing it!!! Thank you...great app!!

exceptional photo app

See your everyday world in a whole new light. The effects are well done. The app often brings out light and details you dont otherwise see in the iPhoto pics.


This is a simple & fun app. You can make some beautiful picture. Love it!


As far as I am concerned, Photography is the killer app of the iPhone, and Fukatsu Senseis camera apps (Old Camera, Toy Camera and QuadCam) are the quintessential iPhone Camera apps. They emulate the much loved Lomo and Holga plastic cameras as well as beautiful vintage cameras from the previous centuries. The results are random (with the ability to control how random) and the pictures are stunning. These are apps that scream Apple in their simplicity and elegance. I look forward to more from the author!

Finaly! An app thats worth writing a review!

This is the best app I have bought yet. It turns your photos into works of art! They look professional, and you can make great wallpapers for your iPhone . Enjoy!

Best photo app!

I really enjoy this app. just need a color version with the same random output. A lot of fun.

Great as a alternative camera, limited as an editor

I know that the developer bills this app as an alternative camera app and not as a post processing photo editor. As the former, if you know what effect you are going for before you take the picture then this app should be rated 5 stars- the effects are beautiful and the ability to directly upload to flickr, facebook or big canvas is unrivaled in other apps. However, to me the app begs to be used after the photo is taken and for that, it falls short- you can not load pictures from your camera roll to apply the filters to after the fact. It would also be nice to see a series of thumbnails right after you take a picture shoein the result of each filter to allow you to compare effects side by side. Perhaps I am being unfair but given what other apps do at a similar price point it seems like a needed upgrade to be competative.

Love it!

Great shots.

Awesome Photo App!!!

It takes an ordinary camera phone image and turns it into art. It will change the way you think about the iPhone camera.

I use this app every day

Excellent app! Really happy with it.

really sweet

easy to use and has a range of old camera effects, including cyan (my fave). even ordinary household stuff--a broom, a tin can, your feet, whatever--come out looking moody and vintage. like all this devs apps, its a must-have if youre into iphone photography.

Old Camera App is excellent!

This is a well designed and built app that works like a charm. The results are excellent. Anybody who appreciates the medium of photography will love this app!

Awesome App, really nice tones

Wonderful App, nice black and white tones, amazing contrast, for those of you who like old photography, it is a must have App.

Old Camera - My Favorite App

This is a great app, and well worth the 99 cents. Get it, and use it.....youll really enjoy the results.

not completely functional

fun app; makes mundane shots look cool. Vignetting function doesnt work.

A solid tool for the kit

Lets you get some really striking images. Improvements would include the ability to apply a chosen filter after a shot is taken, as well as the ability to load an existing shot. Still, I use this a lot - especially in the city. Beautiful effects.